Finishing Paving Stones

Product Description: A special blend of mason sand and polymer modifiers, designed to provide a protective barrier for paver joints to help reduce damage from water, insect erosion and weeds.

Curing the New Surface

Under normal conditions no special curing is required. Keep covered, dry and free of traffic for 24 hours. Joint-Lock Sand requires very little maintenance after initial installation. Repeat the installation steps if an area needs sand replenishment.

Coverage for 1/8″ Joint, Paver applications

Approximate number of bags required

Area (sq. ft.) 90 180 360 720
Approx. 1/8″ Paver Joints 1 2 4 8

Coverage for larger joint applications

Approximate number of bags needed at specified joint thickness

Area (sq. ft.) 40 80 160 320
1/8″ Paver Joint 1/2 1 2 4
1/4″ Paver Joint 1 2 4 8
3/8″ Paver Joint 2 3 6 12

** Please note that coverage will vary with many factors including the depth of the stone and width of the paving joints.
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