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Is a contract binding if the person who proposed it uses an alias and misrepresents its identity? I am curious because, as an author, I have signed contracts with one person and I have now learned that there is no person and that it is a false name for a real person. Would the treaties still be binding? A less precise term for these last words of agreement would be the testimonium clause: it is less precise because, in principle, no testimony is needed since the decline of the Roman Empire and Roman law, except that for acts of English law and notarized acts in European continental systems, a witness would be co-signed, as can be reflected in a clause. On the signature blocks, I do not think it is necessary to identify someone as an individual contractor in the signature line if the fact that the company is an individual business is identified in the name of the company and that it is identical to the name of the signatory. For example, Brian Rogers d/b/a The Contracts should tell the whole story to Brian Rogers` Guy. Unless the owner`s name is Vincent Twice. The signature block is at the end of the agreement itself and provides for the signatures of the parties. Brian: In countries that have licensed serial CLLs (such as texas a), there is an additional layer of complexity and care to ensure that the correct series of LLC is named in addition to the question of whether the specific series is managed by a member or manager. The name of the party on whose behalf the person signs the contract [Prolific Purchaser, Inc. ] Raghu: In practice, I would say yes, at least with respect to large-scale contracts by a company, as with many electronic contracts that are automatically done by computer.

But as a counterpart to the company, you could run into problems with evidence regarding the authority of a signatory to sign the contract (z.B. who “signed” the agreement? How do you know they were allowed if you can`t identify them?) I have not read any cases dealing with this particular scenario, but cases involving, for example, the use of the company president`s signature stamp, would give me a break.

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