Agreement Mixture

Currently, CIRB ASMM is preparing to introduce the technology to farmers and use it in the buffalo ration on its own farm. The Institute does not produce ASMM on a large scale. Given ASMM`s popularity with farmers and the increase in demand, this agreement was signed in order to be able to launch its commercial production and allow a large number of farmers to benefit from its use. The agreement was signed by the director, Cirb Dr. Inderjeet Singh and director, Titanic Pharmaceuticals, Sh. Chandi Ram. On this occasion, M.B S Punia, Head of Animal Feed and Feed Technology, Dr. V.B. Dixit, In-charge Institute Technology Management Unit, Sh.

Chetan Issar, Administrator Officer and Sh. Mahesh Kumar, Finance and Account Officer. An agreement between the EU and third countries on matters within the competence of the Community and the Member States – for example, the Cotonou Agreement. Such agreements must be signed by both the EU and its member states. On May 5, 2016, the ICAR-Central Institute for Research on Buffaloes concluded a 10-year agreement with Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd. on a non-exclusive marketing basis for the Area Specific Mineral Mixture (ASMM), developed by the Institute`s scientists. As part of this agreement, ICAR-CIRB Titanic Pharmaceuticals Pvt. Ltd will provide the know-how of the aforementioned ASMM technology.

The use of ASMM is very important for the scientific diet of buffaloes in order to meet their nutritional needs. The addition of rations with ASMM contributes to the improvement of production. It also helps to reduce breeding problems in buffaloes. The Treaty of Lisbon created the Union as a legal personality (Article 47 kills). It has opened up to joint agreements on foreign and community policy issues. The president decided to sign the agreement himself, although his counterpart, President Xi Jinping, sent an official at a lower level to represent the Chinese side. That is why, in the areas where the Union legislates, the EU can sign, on behalf of the Member States, different types of agreements, which are therefore not allowed to negotiate international agreements in these areas on their own. A joint agreement refers to an agreement – for example, a trade agreement that also deals with regulatory or investment issues – between the EU and a third country, which affects both EU-only and EU-only competences and those reserved exclusively for EU Member States. Such agreements must be approved by both the EU and all Member States. In some cases, the agreement of the Member States implies approval by sub-national authorities, as in the case of Belgium.

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