Bse Listing Agreement For Debt Securities

b. the intention to underser pemice these securities, while announcing the subscription date and closing period of the transfer books (or the typing date of the balance) for the draw; c. that serial acceptance or law letters are numbered, printed on high-quality paper, verified and signed by a responsible representative of the company and that they contain, whenever possible, the distinctive numbers of the securities to which they relate; 38. The Company accepts that, in the event of such a listing request, the rules, statutes and rules of the exchange, which are in effect now or thereafter, apply, and the company also undertakes to comply, within a reasonable time, with the other rules that the Exchange may adopt as a general condition for new listings. 36. In addition to complying with all of the specific requirements mentioned above, the Company will keep the Exchange informed of events such as strikes, lockouts, closures for power outages, etc., both at the time of the event and after the end of the event, in order to enable shareholders and the public to assess the company`s position and avoid the creation of an incorrect market in its securities. In addition, the company will forward to the Stock Exchange, upon request, information about the company that the Exchange may reasonably require. The Company will also immediately inform the Stock Exchange of any event that will affect the company`s performance/operations as well as price-sensitive information. Material events can be events like: 12. The company agrees, when the documents are properly submitted, that it registers transfers of securities on behalf of the purchaser, except: b. where a legal prohibition or seizure or injunction by a competent authority prevents the company from transferring the securities of the ceding name; iii. The Company agrees not to grant a preferential allowance or offer to repurchase its securities if this allocation or offer results in the non-promotional participation being covered by the ceiling set by the SEBI (advertising and investor protection) guidelines, as may be the case at the time of the first admission or the limit of the public interest set in point ii) for the existing publicly traded company.

(a) first, all shares (including forfeiture shares, unless the exchange agrees otherwise), securities, rights, privileges and benefits that may be subscribed in proportion to the company`s shareholders, unless the shareholders of the general meeting decide otherwise; d. any other information necessary to enable the holders of the company`s listed securities to assess their position and avoid the creation of an incorrect market for these listed securities. 41. The Company accepts that, effective in the quarter ended March 31, 2000, it will report uncontrolled financial results to the exchanges and exchanges on which the company is listed within one month (only 3 months) to the exchanges and exchanges on which the company is listed, a notification, directly within fifteen minutes of the close of the board meeting or the meeting of a subcommittee of the Board of Directors (composed of at least one-third of the directors) in which unaudited financial results are placed, and also within 48 hours of the end of the board meeting or its subcommittee in at least one English newspaper that circulates in whole or in part throughout India and in a newspaper published in the language of the region where the company`s head office is located. The Board of Directors or its subcommittee should take into account unaudited quarterly results signed by the Executive Director.

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