Camh Project Agreement

Today`s announcement means that all contractual steps are complete and construction can begin. Carillion Health Solutions will begin mobilizing devices on-site in the coming weeks, followed by an official pickaxe. The construction project will provide a significant boost to Ontario`s economy and economy by directly and indirectly creating and supporting thousands of jobs. The CAMH Phase 1C project serves as the public face of CAMH in Queen Street West and lays the groundwork for the ongoing master plan for the municipal hospital campus. The development consists of two buildings: the project will lead to the construction of about 650,000 square meters of new surfaces, of which: this project is a complement to a hospital campus under development and involves the integration of another existing P3 DBFM project that was completed in an earlier phase. Plenary Health has optimized interfaces with existing facilities to create an integrated health campus. Dr. Eric Hoskins, Minister of Health and Long-Term Care “This is an exciting step forward in providing more services and support to people with mental health and addiction disorders. This project will integrate innovative treatment, research and teaching structures, with retail spaces, parks and the surrounding neighbourhood. Bob Chiarelli, Minister of Infrastructure “This announcement demonstrates our government`s commitment to investing in modern health infrastructure. This investment will provide the people of this province with modernized and accessible health facilities that are essential for people with mental illnesses and addictions. Dr. Catherine Zahn, President and CEO, CAMH “Phase 1C will be the largest and boldest phase of the camH renovation project to date. Two light-flooded and environmentally friendly buildings will further open the doors to our community.

They will create dignified spaces for our patients to get care and help for healing. Honor Cory, Divisional President, Delivery Project, Infrastructure Ontario “This announcement means that we are now ready to negotiate with a preferred supporter of CAMH`s Phase 1C project. We look forward to continuing to work with CAMH and begin construction of this project. » Infrastructure Ontario Building Ontario: Our Infrastructure Plan The contract with Carillion is for a net $293 million that will be delivered by a fixed completion date. The contract also makes Carillion liable for design defects and omissions, project management and subcontractor coordination, increased prices of building materials and labor costs, term and project delays, and other construction-related risks. In the past, the public sector has assumed these risks; However, the AFP model now transfers these risks to the private sector – in this case to Carillion. Financing for the CAMH project is provided by Scotia Capital Inc., Dexia Credit Local S.A. (as Dexia Capital Markets) and Casgrain & Company Ltd. as a long-term debt underwriter. Financing for the construction is provided by Banco Espirito Santo de Investimento, S.A., a New York subsidiary; The Bank of Nova Scotia and Dexia Credit Local S.A. trade through their Canadian branch.

Equity is financed by Carillion Private Finance Ltd. and Fengate Capital Management Ltd. on behalf of the OE Infrastructure Fund. This phase of the camh depollution project will be carried out using an AFP (Alternative Financing and Procurement) model. Carillion Health Solutions receives annual payments from CAMH over a 30-year period. Payments include construction, building maintenance, life cycle repair and renewal, and project financing. . .


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