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AT&T spokeswoman Kelly Starling said only that she could not confirm or deny reports that a deal has been reached or is about to be reached. Disney agents did not respond to questions. If I can`t see sports or ESPN. I would drop direct tv and I would never come back if I got by. espn is so important. Excuse me For now, you`ve probably heard (or seen if you`re a subscriber) that AT&T and Disney are throwing elbows at each other because the existing transport contract between the company`s two giants is in its final days. What hasn`t been reported exactly is the exact expiration date of the current deal, which could trigger the removal of ESPN and other popular Disney channels. Disney started last night with the warning during Monday Night Football on ESPN. In a message sent to DirecTV subscribers, Disney wrote that “AT&T has refused to enter into a fair market-based agreement with us, even though the terms we are seeking are consistent with recent commercial transactions we have with other distributors.” First, the viewer alert does not mean that the channels will be removed. Disney and AT&T are negotiating a new transportation contract, which means they could sign a new deal before the current one expires. And if they do, the channels will remain. Unfortunately, no TV provider is immune to these tactics.

TEGNA has already threatened or withdrawn its stations by suppliers for the sole purpose of returning them as soon as an agreement has been reached. We don`t know exactly when the current agreement will end, but it`s probably September 30. (The existing agreement started on September 30, 2014.) AT&T issued a statement to USA Today telling U-verse subscribers that they could lose their own Disney channels at some point in September. BREAKING- @raycoletv tells me that the Disney/AT&T (directv) transport contract expires Friday at midnight, unless last minute agreed. These customers from all over the country will not have access to Gameday College or ESPN gms this weekend if the 2 companies do not reach an agreement, if ESPN`s contract with AT&T`s own distributors expires at the end of September and no agreement can be reached by then. Direct TV/AT&T You should stop playing games. I live in the center of the Board. We just brought back NBC and CBS. That must stop During Monday Night Football this week, Disney began the all-too-well-known dance of a carriage dispute by arming its spectators. 8:10.m This story has been updated with testimonials from Disney and AT&T Excellent response.

I never thought about the situation of the sports bar. but I`m now out of contract and would probably unload DTV if they get rid of ESPN.. . . .

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