Freeware License Agreement Template

The licensee may, from time to time, require the licensee to verify that the software is being used under the software`s licensing agreement. If the policyholder agrees, this agreement may also include a right for the licensee to conduct a non-intrusive audit on site. If it is apparent from the audit or review that the taker is using the software outside the scope agreed upon in this agreement, additional costs would be negotiated on that date. LegalNature`s agreement provides for a limited guarantee of the software for six months or for the duration of the contract, depending on the duration of the contract. The warranty guarantees the licensee that the software and each maintenance version work as described, if it is properly installed, and if the software is provided on a separate medium, that the support is not defective. Everything else, if not specifically included in this section, is not guaranteed and must be accepted “as seen” by the licensee. The restricted warranty is also limited and unenforceable if the Software is used, damaged or modified incorrectly by the licensee or is incorrect due to causes that are not subject to proper control by the licensee. Note that a software license agreement also differs from a technology service contract by the fact that a technology service contract establishes a continuous service contract between an IT service provider and its customer, but does not involve licensing and downloading certain software to a computer or other device. The software can be delivered to the licensee in different ways. The traditional method is a physical deployment on a tangible storage medium like CD, DVD, USB, external hard drive, etc. This may increase the physical delivery time by mail or require coordination between the licensee and the licensee to complete and receive physical storage media. It has also become common to provide electronic software via email, via private networks, downloaded from hosted sites and much more. This method may make the delivery time more immediate, but it may require a degree of technological sophistication on the part of both the licensee and the licensee.

The licensee and licensee should consider and select the delivery method, schedule and location that meet the needs of both parties. Although the law does not require it, the ECJ is a useful agreement for developers. Like an AGB, this type of agreement can set out the rules and rules that users must follow to use the software application. Among the licensee`s remedies under the limited warranty are the licensee who replaces the software, the licensee who repairs the software or the licensee, or the licensee who prematurely terminates the agreement with a reasonable proportional refund of the fee paid in advance by the licensee. While open source software can certainly be useful in the development phase, it won`t be useful if you want to make money from the software or restrict how the software is used. Instead, a more restrictive software licensing agreement is recommended to achieve these goals. Technically, a license can infringe on all intellectual property rights available to an owner. The software license agreement explicitly defines the rights that are affected by the agreement and those that are not. However, most of the time, software licenses comply with trademark, patent and copyright laws that protect the software. Limitation of liability – To what extent are the parties` potential commitments under the agreement limited by the nature of the loss in question? A license describes how a product can be used.

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