How To Accept Paypal Commercial Entity Agreement

This Commercial Enterprise Use Agreement for Credit Card Processing Services (“Commercial Enterprise Agreement” or “CEA”) is made available to all users PayPal who meet the definition of a “commercial enterprise” or equivalent account in accordance with the rules of the Association (defined below) and open and use a first or business account (such use of such accounts is jointly referred to as “First”. /Business Service”). (Any legal or legal person that receives this document is hereby referred to as a “merchant”). This CEA represents the trader`s separate legally binding contract relating to the processing of credit cards between (1) the merchant as a commercial enterprise; (2) Member (HSBC Bank plc); and (3) GPUK LLP, which are global payments (“Processor”). The CEA is also in favour of an HSBC group company other than the member that provides access to a bank identification number (“BIN”) for MasterCard and Visa transactions acquired for the distributor (“HSBC company”), insofar as the CEA refers to the use of this BIN. The Member or Processor may terminate its provision of credit card processing services and impose a provision or provision of or rely on the Merchant`s PayPal Use Agreement (“AUP”) of which either Member or Subcontractor is included in this CEA by reference. In this CEA, “we”, “us” and “ours” refer to a member and a subcontractor, unless, for the purposes of the rules of association or membership, it must be the sole member. For the avoidance of doubt, the subcontractor is not a subsidiary, related company or member of the HSBC group. For more information or to read the agreements concerning commercial enterprises, please log in to your PayPal account: The link is in turn member undertakes to exempt you from any loss, debt, damage and expense resulting from the following reasons: (a) any breach of any guarantee, an agreement or understanding or misrepresentation by each of us under this Agreement; or (b) gross negligence or intent on the part of us or our employees in this regard. Some of you have already agreed to the agreement and should not expect further emails unless there is another update in the future that needs to be accepted….

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