New 50lb HP Blacktop Packaging with Integrated Handle

Since 1951 PACKAGE PAVEMENT has provided our flagship product, cold mix asphalt in a easy to use bag. We started out with 100 lb bags, hand loaded onto pallets and delivered to area lumberyards and hardware stores. As the market developed to include utilities we developed different products and packaging sizes to fit the needs of the customers.

In early 2013 we worked with our supplier to develop an integrated handle into the packaging. This bag provides the durability needed for on the job in an attractive easy to identify green packaging. The handle and weight make it a great product for your store or job. Our new 50 lb HP BLACKTOP REPAIR bag is ready for delivery to your yard or business today. Call us for more information.

All of our blacktop products are Eco-Friendly and VOC compliant with a specially developed asphalt blend designed to ready to use for a durable pothole repair. This is what makes our line of cold-patch products, “The Environments Toughest Friend“.


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