Insperity Employment Agreement

Insperity PEO offers bundled solutions. These packages can be tailored to your business. For example, you can add job screening, expense management, insurance services, benefit management, recruitment services, and retirement services for an additional fee. In reality, the structure of a co-employment relationship allows you, the business owner, to keep control of business decisions and the day-to-day tasks and essential functions of your employees. What is co-employment and how can it help your business? There is little, if any, disruption to existing employees when the relationship is established, and at no time is the employee`s “leasing” involved in the agreement. The client company continues to employ employees, with the EEA acting as a co-employer for specific purposes. There are a number of misunderstandings about co-employment that generally exist based on preconceived ideas about outsourcing: co-employment is a contractual agreement between a company and a PEO that assigns and shares the employer`s responsibility between the two. The contract is often referred to as the Client Service Agreement (CSA). My employer let us all know during the open registration that we are now in a co-employment contract with Insperity and that we had to file I9 documents (passport) again. Thus, the co-employment relationship can turn into benefits for your company: a co-employment relationship is administrative and benefits employees, including existing HR. Now that you can answer the question “What is co-employment?”, you can start your search for a serious PEO that can move your business forward.

If you want individual HR services without the co-employment model, there`s Insperity`s acceleration workforce program. This option still requires you to sign up for Insperity`s payroll service, but any other services are offered à la carte (e.g. accounting.B, recruitment, insurance, 401(k), retirement provision, etc.). In a co-employment contract, your company`s employees (also known as site employees) are employed by two separate entities: if you take a co-employment report, the PEO employs your employees and assumes certain employer responsibilities, while the client company has access to many benefits. To do this, a co-employment relationship with a professional employers` organization (PEO) might be the best solution. In the event of possible liability for co-employment, it is in the best interest of THE PEOs (and all) to take proactive steps to avoid workers` compensation claims. In addition to its PEO services, Insperity offers personalized hr services and consulting through Workforce Acceleration….

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