Keller Williams Buyers Agent Agreement

@Doug Merriott Thank you Doug. This guy is a friend, and I want to use him. In other words, if someone else finds us a good deal or we find one ourselves, it`s just the breaks. I will explain to him and I feel guilty (my wife constantly tells me that I should not do it) for all the work he and his wife do for us. I think it`s a long-term relationship, and I hope we`ll do a lot of business over the years, and my wife will be his mentor, so hopefully they`ll make money from that as well. I would never let myself be shown a house by him, and then I would buy it through another agent, and I think he knows that. These two cities are located on different sides of the bay, aren`t they? I imagine an investor wants a local agent in every person who really knows their area. If your wife is a licensed agent and works for commissions, you`ll both have a different perspective. Maybe your friends gracefully accept your confession and help you feel better when you abuse your relationship.

Who knows, maybe they offer to continue to help you because they are already so invested, with the time they have already spent on this purchase for you. In addition, they will not want to sacrifice all these referral fees that will be paid to them. All of this is subject to local customs, except that agents must have a written agency contract to represent a client in real estate matters. 🙂 Brokers/agents quickly learn that the buyer is a “Wheeler and Dealer” and has no loyalty or is overboard and is truthful. We have a pair of Keller Williams that helps us find our first property. I knew the man from an adult hockey league, and that`s how we made the connection. My wife is also in the process of getting her license and is listed as her “mint”, so they are paid every time (by KW, not by us) if my wife makes a deal in the future. It`s a unique program for KW, I think.

Anyway, we also have a few other brokers who have shown us houses and/or sent us a lot of potential real estate as well as 1 specific store that requires no agent at all. We have been searching for a few months, we have seen several houses and we are very close to the trigger. All right! I`m not an agent, but we saw a hundred houses shopping, and KW had very polite and well-being agents. We learned never to use caldwell bankers, because these agents in our area tended to be very rude. They also gave us a lot of false information or didn`t get an answer. The century agents were pretty good too. Non-exclusive purchase/brokerage agreements In principle, a non-exclusive agreement allows a buyer to purchase real estate through another agent or broker, as long as that property has not first been introduced by another agent. . . .

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