Microsoft Partner Network Agreement

New requirement for partners – Advisor or Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) Programs: Check the Program Information section. If the MPN program status is active, you are an active MPN partner in the Partner Center. If not, that`s the only step your organization needed to do was MPA approval, just sign up for the Partner Center to get started. Navigate to the Partner Center dashboard from the “Partner Account” menu to “View Partner Profile”. The MPA can be viewed and approved on your partner profile page. Once you have agreed, congratulations! The process is now complete. For more information about the Microsoft Partner Agreement and how it makes it easier to do business with Microsoft, see these frequently asked questions. 5-b-4- If you become aware of (i) unlawful access to customer data or (ii) unauthorized access to such devices or devices resulting in the loss, disclosure or alteration of customer data, or (iii) loss or suspected threat to the security of customer data (a “security incident” each), you must immediately and immediately notify Microsoft,; provided that in the event of a security incident involving customer`s personal data, you must notify Microsoft within 72 hours of becoming aware of it. The new MPA replaces and consolidates several previous Microsoft agreements, such as the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement (MCRA), the Microsoft Cloud Distributor Agreement (MCDA), the Microsoft Cloud Multi-Animal Agreement, the Microsoft Cloud Reseller Agreement for us Government Cloud, and the Terms and Conditions Agreement for the Indirect Reseller. Your organization can join the Microsoft Partner Network by visiting the Microsoft partner site and registering online.

We have another blog post that describes this process here. The article also contains steps to link your MPN ID to the CSP program as well as your Office 365 sales on Sherweb`s partner portal. There are some steps that Sherweb CSP partners need to take to accept the new MPA….

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