Return Service Agreement Up Diliman

What is the return service? Under the Free Higher Education Act, local universities and universities (CSCs and LUCs) are responsible for developing “return service” programs for students who receive free education and other fees to “return” to the country to fund their training. All students who benefit from the Republic Act 10931 or the Universal Access to Quality Tertiary Education Law are required to return to the university in accordance with the J. Prospero de Vera RESPONSABLE. He noted, however, that “to the extent that the creation of plantilla`s new positions will require it, the process will take time. In the meantime, we will raise our non-contractors, those who have worked for many years, at the level of the UP contract, so that they are entitled to all the benefits that a regular worker receives. The Return Service Agreement (RSA), implemented in 2011, has become an absolute admission requirement for several PROGRAMs offered by UPM, including the College of Pharmacy`s bachelor`s programs. The return service program requires students from the university`s seven health schools to sign a contract that means their commitment to work and service to the Filipino community after graduation. The RSA is now a prerequisite for admission for both the Bachelor of Science in Pharmacy (BSP) and the Bachelor of Science in Industrial Pharmacy (BSIP) – for all students (including shift workers and takers) with the 2011 student number. “Winawasak nito ang pinaka-esensya ng batas dahil kung may kapalit na serbisyo, hindi na tuna na free ang edukasyon sa kolehiyo (It destroys the essence of the law because it is not really considered a free university education if the service is needed in the exchange),” Tinio said. De Vera reassured about fears that the return service program represents an additional burden for students and said they would not be overwhelming. The University of the Philippines (UP) is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in the country and serves as an effective tool for patriotism and great responsibility for service to the community.

Guided by the vision of continuous national development, the mission of the University of the Philippines of Manila (UPM) is to produce excellent practitioners and guides in the fields of health, science, social sciences and humanities. Why stop a return service? Tinio argued that the program “went beyond the law” and deprived students of the true meaning of “free education.” He said higher education would not really be free if students had to offer work to continue studying at state universities. “Ayaw mo mag-return of service, eh di magbayad ka ng tuition, that is the provision of the law (If you don`t want to perform return of service, then pay the tuition, that is the provision of the law),” de Vera said. “We`re going to let the universities define the corresponding return system. Some of them will help the university, for example, in its community information programs,” De Vera said at a press conference last week.

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