Sa Trade Agreements With China

In late September 2011, South African Vice President Motlanthe led a trade delegation to Beijing at the invitation of Chinese Vice President Xi. During the visit, the China Development Bank and the Development Bank of South Africa signed a $2.5 billion agreement. The two countries also signed a memorandum of understanding on geological exploration and mineral resources. [35] However, the problem tends to arise when it facilitates intra-African trade outside its own bloc, when this is expected to diminish with the advent of the AfCFTA. That is why there has been talk of inviting Zambia and Zimbabwe to join SACU – which, if that happens, would be of even more interest to the Chinese. Both are relatively prosperous nations, with Zambia having a GDP of about $30 billion and Zimbabwe about $20 billion. Both have attractive resources for China. Patel welcomed the signing of 93 purchase and investment agreements that took place in Cape Town on Friday, worth about R28 billion, mainly for the purchase of South African products by Chinese companies. “Our relationship is promising and promising for both nations. Over the past decade, trade relations have expanded rapidly, with China now our largest trading partner.

Chinese investors have expressed confidence in the opportunities offered by South Africa, with significant investments such as BAIC`s investment in R4.3 billion in a local car assembly plant and partnerships between advanced automakers, mining, agriculture and the ICT sector. These investments are the building blocks of an increasingly close partnership,” added Mr. Patel. “This agreement prioritizes improving the trade structure between the two countries by working towards a more balanced trade profile and promoting trade in value-added manufacturing products. This would be achieved by Chinese companies that invest in our manufacturing industry in South Africa and actively encourage China`s purchase of value-added products from South African suppliers,” Patel said. Of course, if we measure it in PPP, it is the largest economy in the world. In fact, for a significant portion of the last 500 years, until the advent of colonialism, it was the largest economy in the world,” Patel said. China was a strong supporter of the liberation movement during the anti-apartheid struggle and only established diplomatic relations when South Africa became a free and democratic nation. China is the homeland of one of the great civilizations and has contributed to the progress of mankind with many major inventions, including compass, paper making and printing, paper money and for rainy days like today, I must keep in mind that it also invented the umbrella and, for the sunny weather to which we want to invite you again, I was told, that China invented the world`s first sunglasses, with lenses that were flat slices of smoke quartz used in the twelfth century or earlier. In May 2016, south Africa`s Ministry of Fisheries said a total of nine Chinese vessels had been spotted in South African waters, allegedly fishing illegally. . .


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