Shared Services Agreement New Jersey

As an essential part of a broader mission, the Local Assistance Bureau (LAB) of the Local Government Services Service (LOCAL Government Services), in collaboration with the State Czars, provides common services and consolidation assistance to help cities achieve much-needed property tax savings. The division is legally responsible for advising and supporting consolidation efforts. We are pleased to inform you that we have already had such an interest in these programs that we are growing to meet demand. Governor Murphy has approved $10 million to support local units` efforts to secure joint services, and additional resources are available to cover the one-time costs associated with government consolidation efforts. “For New Jersey`s 565 municipalities, it is essential to follow common services together so that they can work more efficiently and provide better service to our residents,” Says Governor Phil Murphy Bipartisan Shared Services Czars: December 20, 2019 – Sharing Services saved money for NJ Local Governments: Wall Street Jordan Glatt is director of strategic partnerships at the Community Foundation of New Jersey (CFNJ), where he works with businesses, entrepreneurs and families to design nonprofit vehicles that provide non-profit vehicles in New Jersey communities. Mr. Glatt is a two-year former mayor of Summit and has served as a city councillor. As mayor, he worked with cities in his immediate vicinity to reduce costs for his taxpayers, while maintaining a high level of basic services. N.J. spends $10 million to help cities share services and store residents` belongings There are nearly 600 school districts and 565 governments in the city of New Jersey, many of which individually offer services ranging from canine licensing to fire protection.

Our goal is to support local governments in New Jersey in shared service projects that can reduce costs and improve service delivery. Governor Phil Murphy launched the program with the appointment of two “Czars,” former mayors Nicolas Platt and Jordan Glatt, to promote common services across the state. A former mayor of Harding Township, Nicolas Platt currently sits on the local council, a position he has held since 2009. Over the years, he and his elected colleagues have provided more effective services through common service agreements that have saved the city hundreds of thousands of dollars each year. The Township played a key role in the creation of a 5 Town Joint Municipal Court, one of the most efficient in the state of New Jersey, demonstrating exceptional savings and superior performance.

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