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The EU-Canada Air Services Agreement, signed on 17-18 December 2009, is the most ambitious air agreement between the EU and an important partner in the world to date. This agreement will enter into force once the EU`s internal procedure is completed. The program allows the Canadian Transportation Authority to authorize any foreign air carrier to use these airports to transfer international air cargo, even if these carriers are not authorized to provide points in Canada or abroad and the fees are not included in Canada`s air travel agreements. In addition, air carriers are able to combine these transshipments with other services for which they may be licensed. Agreement between the Government of Canada and the U.S. Government to Promote Aviation Safety For more information and figures on aviation relations between the EU and Canada in general, see the Atlas of Heaven. 4.3. Contracting parties may seek assistance from the civil aviation authority of a third country in carrying out its prudential supervisory and supervisory functions if a party`s authorisation has been granted or renewed by an agreement or formal agreement with that third country. CONSIDERING that the economic burden on industry and air carriers can be reduced through unnecessary inspections, evaluations and technical checks and that the agreement will enter into force on the date of its signature and remain in effect until one of the parties has implemented it. This information is made by a written notification of sixty days to the other party.

This termination is also effective in terminating all existing implementation procedures implemented in accordance with this agreement. This agreement may be amended by the written agreement of the parties. The various enforcement procedures can be fine or modified by civil aviation authorities. The Agency publishes some public information on Canadian air services agreements and agreements, such as traffic rights. B, which may be exercised by designated airlines under air agreements or other instruments.

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