Utah Code Boundary Line Agreement

If you think your neighbour is starting to use your land, even if it`s just a secondary thing, like building a fence in the wrong place or installing a drainage pipe that crosses the property`s border, you need to act immediately. Ownership limits are very important when it comes to using land, and even a small intervention by your neighbour in your country can have consequences that you cannot predict. Most people often find it too difficult to say exactly where their ownership limits are without hiring a professional to conduct a land survey. If you decide to set up a licensed surveyor, he or she comes to your country and places brands that mark the boundaries of your land. A list of licensed surveyors near you can easily be found in your local phone book or on the Internet. It`s often best to call some of these companies, explain what you expect from them, and then hire the one you think is best for the job. If the actions on the ground are reputed for others, the agreement may hire successors. If you and/or your neighbours still pay both mortgages on your property, you will probably need to consult a lawyer before entering into a lot line agreement. Your bank may prevent you from entering into such an agreement and, instead, you can insist that you license a surveyor to inspect the country.

Utah Code Section 17-27a-103 (40): “Carl Boundary Adjustment,” an agreement between neighbouring property owners who adjust their mutual boundary when: (a) no additional land is established; and b) any property designated in the agreement is undivided land, including a balance of subdivided property. (1) As noted in this section, the “border line clause” is an agreement described in Section 57-1-45. As a general rule, landowners who share a border do not pay attention to what has to do with the county until one of them decides to change the use of the land. For example, a landowner may decide to develop a pasture to build a new subdivision. At this stage, it is generally necessary to obtain permission from the local zoning authority (such as the municipality or county) in order to rebalance the use of agriculture in residential areas and to add the necessary infrastructure. The municipality will have adopted land use regulations, such as . B, setbacks for structures, the presence and width of access roads and the availability of public services.

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