Yorke Peninsula Council Enterprise Agreement

November 2015: City of Mitcham – Emergency Order The Ombudsman investigated a complaint about the Council`s inability to take action on non-compliance with an emergency regulation adopted by the Council under the Development Act 1993. The Ombudsman did not find that the Council had acted illegally, inappropriately or erroneously. March 2016: District Council of Mount Remarkable – Unauthorized removal of water from private property The Ombudsman examined whether the Council had the authority to remove water from a dam on agricultural land in order to complete the planned roadworks. The Ombudsman found that the Council had obtained the permission of the tenant and not the landowner and that it was wrong that the Council had not obtained the owner`s permission prior to entry and distance. The Ombudsman made recommendations to the Council to improve its administrative procedure for taking water and dealing with complaints. The Ombudsman found that Cr Charles had breached the code on several previous occasions and recommended that the Commission file a complaint with SACAT in order to obtain an injunction to impose a fine, a suspension period or any other sanction against Cr Charles. April 2019: City of Victor Harbor – Violation of Councillor`s Code of Conduct – Cr Peter Charles The Ombudsman examined whether Cr. Peter Charles had a conflict of interest regarding the review of a final report of an earlier Ombudsman investigation into a complaint against Cr Charles. The final report of the previous inquiry was discussed at a Council meeting on 23 July 2018. During the meeting, three requests were made for the final report, my findings that Cr Charles had violated the code of conduct and the recommendation that Cr Charles should offer a public apology for exchanging false information to the general public. All three requests were made. The official recording of the Council meeting shows that Cr Charles did not state that he had a conflict of interest and that he had voted against any request.

The inquiry also examined whether Cr Palk had demonstrated a bias on genes when participating in a selection board for Burnside Retirement Services Incorporated board members; and whether the Commission has not taken appropriate steps to protect the integrity of the maintenance and selection process. In this case, the Ombudsman concluded that there had been no unlawful, inappropriate or false act. September 2015: Mallala District Council – Violation of the Council`s Code of Conduct The Ombudsman investigated a complaint accusing a conflict of interest issue with the Mallala Borough Council. It was found that a member of the Council was in violation of the Local Government Act and the Code of Conduct and was therefore acting in violation of the law. February 2019: Coober Pedy District Council – Poor property classification The Ombudsman has received a referral from the Independent Anti-Corruption Commissioner for possible abuses in the public administration regarding the incorrect application of different assessments and/or remediation rates to real estate, failing to comply with the provisions of the 1993 Development Act, approving an $80,000 grant to the Coober Pedy Miners Association and approving $20,000 in expenditures for opalsymposium.

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