Historic Restoration

The northeast contains many of the iconic buildings and monuments which help define our nation. With PACKAGE PAVEMENT products, we can help restore landmark buildings to their original glory. From Carnegie Hall, to Grand Central Terminal, to West Point we have provided custom restoration mortars and grouts to meet or exceed the specifications of the job for nearly 30 years.

Tuckpoint  Mortar_BGHOW WE DO IT?

When dealing with historic properties there are many things to consider. Our objective is to create a product which will maintain the aesthetic of the original building with a quality, durable and workable mortar which is blended for optimum performance. The delicate balance of the mortars impact on the masonry unit is also considered, with custom Type O , Type K or Building Lime options. Our technical team will then  work to color match the patina to create a historic look, or the cleaned joint to help return the building to the original specs envisioned by its architect and owners.

PACKAGE PAVEMENT also has the ability to match multiple samples to help make a blend of historic restorations and new additions seamless and has a variety of blending options to make your job easier with the consistency and workability required to allow your masonry professionals to do their craft.


West_Point_AcademyCity Hall - NYCRepointing historic buildings one may need to use similar materials as were used in the original construction. This may be critical because a building is made up of materials which have withstood the test of time due to their ability to be flexible and breathe.  Since raw lime was used in many pre-war buildings we have partnered with Virginia Limeworks to provide Building Lime 150 & 200 which is an ultra low psi lime mortar which will not affect the masonry unit under changing weather conditions.

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