Patching Potholes

Package Pavement® Blacktop Patch is a cold patch mix consisting of 1/4″aggregate and a cutting edge eco-friendly asphalt binder. It’s easy on the environment and tough on potholes.

In order for the blacktop to dry and firm up completely, the surface must be left uncoated for a good period of time after the blacktop has been placed. We recommend three months. After that period of time, a good sealer will help prolong the useful life of any blacktop surface. The asphalt binder in the blacktop is worn away by shoes, cars, bikes. Annual sealing is the best way to keep your blacktop in prime condition.



  • Use to repair potholes and large cracks in paved surfaces
  • Driveways
  • Roads and bridges
  • Construction of paved blacktop surfaces
  • Build-up approaches to driveways
  • Fill in around edges of drain grates
  • Build-up ramp to garage entrance

Product Features


  • Ready to use means no heating, no mixing, no additions
  • Patched or paved surface is ready for immediate use
  • No shrinkage or expansion once thoroughly compacted


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