PACKAGE PAVEMENT™ is a diversified manufacturer of cement and asphalt products for the construction and building repair industry, including: mason supply, lumber yards, hardware stores and commercial contractors.


The team at Package Pavement is proud to offer an extensive array of services and deliver a level of support unmatched in our region. We bring the combination of people and technology to every customer and every project. When you call us, someone answers, and is ready to exceed your expectations. We are dedicated to our customers and they reward us with many years of loyalty.


At Package Pavement we are a premier provider of bulk bagged material in the Tri State area of NYC, NJ and CT. With over 70 years of dry packaged goods experience, we have the ability to handle any project you might need bulk material for.

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If you are struggling with logistics and finding yourself in a position where delays are having a negative impact on your ability to serve your customers, let us help!

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SPEC MIX® has designed an industry-leading program to ensure quality products every time. SPEC MIX® colored mortar consists of pre-blended Portland cement or Masonry Cement, lime, and sand to produce uniformity from batch to batch.

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If you are in need of Bulk Blended material, Package Pavement can help! As a specialized manufacturer of dry packed goods, we can work with you to create mix designs that are specific for your project needs.

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Package Pavement offers our manufacturing expertise for toll packaging. With over 70 years of dry packaged goods experience, we have developed quality control and manufacturing procedures to ensure consistency batch after batch.

Toll Packaging Services

PACKAGE PAVEMENT is proud to serve the Great Northeast, home to so many of our nation’s historic treasures. From Carnegie Hall, to Grand Central Terminal, to West Point, we have provided custom restoration mortars and grouts to meet or exceed the specifications of the job for nearly 30 years.

Historic Restoration

At PACKAGE PAVEMENT, we pay close attention to every aspect of our business and services to ensure we not only meet but exceed our customers' expectations. Below we spotlight some of the aspects of our business that we're most proud of.

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We are getting ready to introduce our newest innovation!


Our new Ultra High Performance – Fiber Reinforced Blacktop Repair Mix is a specially blended asphalt mixture used for permanently patching potholes.  The Micro-fibers  prevent the repaired patch from creeping out of the pothole by spreading the force throughout the repair.  This unique formula can be applied in all weather conditions, is “0” VOC, and is ready for immediate traffic.

Package Pavement Blacktop

QUIKRETE® Hydraulic Water-Stop Cement

A rapid setting, high strength repair material designed to plug leaks instantly in concrete and masonry. Sets in 3-5 minutes and can be used above and below grade.
Designed to block running water or leaks in cracked masonry or concrete surfaces.

Quikrete Repair Products
Masonry Tip

Cold Weather Masonry.

Both the MSJC and the IBC make a clear distinction between
the construction requirements and the post-construction
protection provisions for cold weather masonry work.
• Construction-phase temperature ranges are based
on ambient temperatures, that is, the temperature
at the site at the time of construction.
• Post-construction protection requirements are
based on anticipated daily minimum temperatures
for grouted masonry, the forecast low for the
upcoming 24- or 48-hour period, depending on what
type cement is used in the grout.
• Post-construction protection for ungrouted masonry
is based on anticipated mean daily temperatures,
that is, the forecast average temperature for the upcoming 24-hour period.



Our new delivery app will provide our partners with a contactless solution which will generate a PDF proof-of-delivery for instant record retention, and faster invoicing for all parties involved.


When you choose Package Pavement, you’re dealing with customer focused employees who bring years of experience and a passion for service to work with them every day. We are constantly innovating with products and technology to expedite and simplify every aspect of your job.The customer comes first in every department in our company.

Find the Right Repair Product for Your Project

Need to find the most appropriate product for the needs of your project? We can help because we have over 70 years of experience servicing the industry with every kind of project, from Do-it-yourself projects to large skyscrapers. Package Pavement has the experience, the knowledge and the products to help every project succeed.

Quikrete Repair Products

Our products represent our team’s commitment to providing solutions to our customers. From filling pot holes in your driveway to repairing bridges, you can count on our team at Package Pavement to deliver solutions tailored to your needs.

Spec Mix Colored Mortar

Our color matching capabilities consistently match our clients’ design creativity

Our dedicated staff, is equipped with the latest color matching software and a vast library of tens of thousands of color combinations, can match the color the architect and building owner needs to complete their vision for the finished project virtually overnight.

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Blacktop Repair Products

Eco-Friendly Blacktop Repair

Since 1951 PACKAGE PAVEMENT has been an innovator in cold patch asphalt products. In early 2008 we introduced a line of Eco-friendly blacktop repair products which provide the same high level of performance with the environment in mind. The following products are just what you need for your asphalt repair job.

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Plug R Products

Keeps Tentpoles, Potholes & Barholes Under Control

The Plug-R is a fast, easy, and cost effective way to prevent a small test hole from becoming a large pothole. When used for tent stakes, the Plug-R prevents damage to asphalt and helps maintain an attractive surface. Cold weather won’t crack it, hot weather won’t melt it. It’s easy to use, store, and transport.

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Let's Get Started

Our team at Package Pavement is ready to help move your projects forward. If you’re wondering what product to use for your particular project, contact us today. We can advise you on what product you’ll need, offer directions, and in many cases provide online video demonstrations. Let's get started!

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Package Pavement has two convenient locations in Stormville, NY (Dutchess County) and Ravena, NY (Greene County) to serve the Northeastern Region with bagged concrete, blacktop, mortar, and repair products. This map gives a general idea of where we service and the product lines we offer.
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