Adhered Veneer Mortars

SPEC MIX Poly Modified Stone Veneer MortarSPEC MIX® Adhered Veneer Polymer Modified Mortar is a blend of dry cementitious materials and masonry sand specifically designed to provide superior bond for precast, lightweight masonry veneer units to base surfaces. The final wall system will produce a non-load bearing, aesthetically pleasing exterior veneer or interior finish on concrete or masonry walls, stud walls or metal buildings. It is formulated to produce a cohesive material with consistent workability and optimal bond strength.

POLYMER MODIFIED STONE VENEER MORTARWhen installing all masonry units, especially precast and natural stone units for masonry veneer systems, it is imperative that the mortar is designed to match the properties of the stone for optimal shear bond strength and durability. SPEC MIX® Adhered Veneer Mortar  products are specifically formulated and tested to ensure mortar to unit compatibility as well as good workability.

Our  Veneer Mortar is perfect for “scratch & base coat” or “joint grout” applications and are computer batched and preblended products that bond precast, lightweight masonry veneer units to solid base surfaces such as in-place masonry, concrete or galvanized, expanded metal lath. Available in natural gray or colored, SPEC MIX® Adhered Veneer Mortars are manufactured dry to eliminate the inconsistencies associated with field-proportioned mortars. Only the addition of water is needed to produce a mortar that provides total quality control, consistency and optimal bond strength in every batch.

SSVM_Bag_Image_220SPEC MIX® Adhered  Veneer Mortar and is available in both a Standard (SSVM) and our Polymer modified version for natural stone (PMSVM) in 80 lb bags, 42 or 30 bags per pallet for job-site mixing, or in reusable 3,000 lb bulk bags for use with the various patented silo systems by SPEC MIX®



SPEC MIX Veneer Mortar Yield Info 12-15-14Product yield information can vary with each application but as a general rule the following guide can be used. As with all applications a sample mock-up should be tested to ensure the desired results on the project.


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