Pumpable Concrete Mixes

Pumpable_Concrete_Packaging_LGPackage Pavement is proud to present a full line of pumpable concrete mixes for your next project. Featuring a fluid and cohesive mix design with a low water to cement ratio, our pumpable concretes are design to provide ease of use, pumpability and superior strength.

We currently offer 3 strengths in this line, from a 3000 psi mix, to 5000 and 6000 psi blends. The ease of use of our delivery system, through either 80 lb Kraft Bags or 3000# Bulk bags, means you will have on-demand product when you need it, where you need it.

PC5000 – Pumpable Concrete 5000 – Spec DataR2 – 4-2012

PC6000 – Pumpable Concrete 6000 – Spec DataR1 – 4-2012

Pumpable Concrete Mixes

PACKAGE PAVEMENT’s pumpable concrete mixes are crafted to create a perfect pumpable cohesive unit, with excellent strength and durability.

Use For

  • Bridge Construction / Restoration
  • Tunnels and Aqueducts
  • Decking
  • Any Project Requiring a Pump in Place Concrete

Available In

  • 80 lb Bag / 42 Per Pallet
  • 3000 lb Super Sack
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