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The Factory Lofts at Watchcase – Sag Harbor, NY

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The Factory Lofts at Watchcase – Sag Harbor, NY

The Factory Lofts at Watchcase are a beautiful example of re-purposing an abandoned building into a world class residential complex. The Bulova Watchcase Factory, located in Sag Harbor was a former factory of the iconic watchmaker. The rebirth of this historic 1881 factory has been rebuilt “brick by brick” and transformed into an architectural work of art. Masonry work required a unique blend of local mason sand to match the original brickwork done over 130 years ago. Since the beginning stages of this grand undertaking, a team of skilled and talented experts diligently worked behind the scenes to make it become a reality while maintaining many of the unique characteristics of the original building. Each condo features the large windows high ceilings, intricate woodwork and the original brick and mortar facade.

The completed 4-story building houses 64 condominium units, a underground parking structure with a landscaped courtyard, and a swimming pool and exercise facilities for the residents.

Masonry Contractor:
Water Mill Masonry

Materials Used:

  • Colored Type N Mortar


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